Under the direction of Cecilia De Torres
Assisted by Susanna V. Temkin, Madeline Murphy Turner, and Victoria L. Fedrigotti
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The Catalogue

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Indoamerica, 1941 (1941.12)
Indoamerica, 1941 (1941.12)

The catalogue raisonné of Joaquín Torres-García includes all of the known paintings, sculptures, and toys created by the artist. 

The artworks in this catalogue are organized chronologically.  Each painting and sculpture has been assigned a catalogue number based on its year of production.  The toys are classified within the catalogue raisonné with a "T" number that reflects their period of creation.

Each artwork has its own page, or record, which includes the work's principal information and, when possible, an image that can be enlarged.  The record also includes information regarding provenance, exhibition history, and published references, all linked to other sections of the catalogue.  Many entries include commentaries and supplementary materials, such as related drawings by Torres-García, documentary photographs, and other relevant information.

In addition to the catalogue numbers, some records also have an estate number.  These numbers are from the inventory created by the artist's estate following his death in 1949.  

Torres-García did not provide titles for the majority of his art works.  Accordingly, the titles listed in this catalogue raisonné follow those provided by the estate's inventory whenever possible.  These titles are written in multiple languages - Catalan, English, Italian, French, and Spanish - in accordance with the artist's location at the time of production.  Alternate titles are provided if the artworks have been exhibited or reproduced with other names.

Unfortunately, a significant number of works by Torres-García have not survived, while the locations and status of others remain unknown.  This catalogue divides these lost works into three categories - works whose whereabouts are unknown; works destroyed by such varied causes as war and censorship; and works  destroyed in the 1978 fire at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro

Please note that the information on this and all pages is periodically reviewed and subject to change.
Citation: de Torres, Cecilia, Susanna V. Temkin, Madeline Murphy Turner, and Victoria L. Fedrigotti. "The Catalogue." In Joaquín Torres-García Catalogue Raisonné. www.torresgarcia.com/catalogue/ (accessed on June 23, 2024).